Catalon suodatinmateriaali

New word in water treatment!

What is Catalon?

Catalon — invention of Geyser company — fibre ion-exchange material of a new generation (patent No. 2013114497). For the first time the ion-exchange fibre sorbent able to remove viruses applying no biocidal additives, agents, ultraviolet or membranes was created. 100% viruses removal is confirmed by independent examination results, “Ental Innovation Centre”.


Catalon features:

  • Catalon has both chelate (selective removal of heavy metal cations) and ampholityc properties. It means that Catalon is capable to remove not only cations (copper, cadmium, lead), but anions (organic compounds, organochlorides and iron bacteria) as well.
  • Catalon contains silver in metal indelible form that prevents bacteria growth.
  • Catalon maintains healthy mineral composition of source water.

100% protection against viruses

New water treatment quality of Geyser water filters

New technology of layer sorbing agent filling applied in 501 cartridge series (patent No. 2013114497) allows it to evade occurrence of wall and tunnel effects that is of great importance for effective viruses and bacteria removal.

Water taken from central water source (public water supply), treated with water filter jug with Catalon material inside meets the requirements of SanPin (Sanitary and epidemiologic rules and regulations) “Drinking water” (Confirmed by examination results, “Ental Innovation Centre”).


1. Catalon ampholytic fibre filtering layer. Unlike other fibre materials Catalon removes not only hard metals (iron, copper, lead, etc.), but organic compounds and colloidal iron as well.

2. Filtering and conditioning layer. Premium quality coconut shell carbon and ion-exchange resin. Removes chlorine, organic compounds and improves taste of water.

3. Finishing protective layer made from modified Catalon fibre. Properties of layer structure increase time of water contact with filtering media. Catalon creates conditions for uniform filtration, hence preventing tunnel effect and excluding the chance of natural bacteria growth. Providing antidischarging and self-indication effects.

Advantages of water filter with Catalon material:

  • Overall protection against viruses (patent No. 2013114497) without using membranes and ultraviolet light. Confirmed by independent examination results, “Ental Innovation Centre”.
  • No biocidal additives and antibiotics inside.
  • Reduces excessive hardness.
  • Uniform volume filtration, absence of wall and tunnel effects.

Potable tap water without boiling!